We do offer shipping all across the United States. We have used Delta, United or American Airlines for a very long time. Each one has a excellent program for shipping puppies. In order to have your puppy shipped the total cost is $600 and that is not included in the puppy price. This price is based on prices at the airlines and is subject to change without notice.  We here at Gentle Giants of the South make this process a very simple and easy one. We handle all of the arrangements. All you do is pick up your baby at the specific airline. Your Gentle Giant will arrive in a crate that is yours to keep and can be used for a little while to continue potty training. He/She will also come with all paperwork, small bag of food, blanket, and completely pre-spoiled just for you.  If any additional questions please feel free to ask...
We feed our puppies Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy.  We also highly recommend that you keep your new pet on this up to the age of 1 -2 years old, at this time he/she can be changed over to any high quality food as long as protein percentage is within 22 - 27%.... 
This is NOT at PetSmart or Petco. Please do not take your new puppy into these pet stores and dog parks until fully vaccinated at 16 weeks old.  
Male vs. Female
Should I purchase boy or girl dane? 

In my opinion and experience with danes there is no difference in raising a male versus a female. Danes are extremely lovable and loyal pets. They are big lap dogs! Each one of them is the happiest when they are touching you in some sort of way. 
The Great Dane loves home and family above all, with a stable temperament and a sweet attitude.  He/She is big and strong, but very sensitive and needs to be by your side.  The Dane wants to please you and will if you are gentle and consistent in your handling of him or her.  

Will a dane fit in with our family, do they need a big area?
Danes are very affectionate with the family, dependable and devoted to children.  They are  good with the people they know but may be a little stand-offish  with strangers until they know them better.  
Danes are very much a "house pet" and does NOT need a big house or area. They do well in small apartments.  They thrive in a close loving family, and if you raise him with love and care, train him with patience, and socialize him well - you will be proud to have him as a part of your family.

House Training
Training is very easy in Danes. It is almost natural for danes to want to potty outside. I highly recommend you crate train them. Danes need a crate that is just big enough for them to lay down comfortably.  Let them sleep in crate at night and take them out first thing in morning. No food or water in crate only sleep. As long as you are persistent in taking your new pup out every few hours during the day then you should have them housetrained within a month.  Good Luck!

Teaching and Correcting

This is extremely important with your Dane!! I cannot stress this enough. They want to please you as much as you want them too. With the right correction and teaching you both can be extremely happy..

We here at Gentle Giants of the South CANNOT stress this enough!! You must be the LEADER! Danes need structure and correction just like your children do. They need to be taught what they can do and cannot do immediately after taking the home and consistantly. You are the boss - You are the pack leader - You make the rules!! 
Be stern and firm with your dane and both of you will be very happy.



All of our puppies are sold as pets only. Limited Registration is provided AFTER documentation received from verifiable Vet that Dane has been spayed/neutered.  

We NEVER give out breeding rights.   

Great Danes are not like most other dogs. Specific colors have to be bred together to avoid deaf, blind and deformed puppies. You must do your research before breeding a great dane and be knowledgeable with background.

PLEASE NO TREATS and/or BONES. This is the worst thing you can do to your danes skin. Treats and edible bones are number one cause of skin allergies... PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR DANE THESE!!!! I cannot stress this enough...