Happy Families (Page 2)
Goliath lives with the Garner Family (he is debuting his rug commercial)..
Two Pictures of the Hubbards 2 adorable Babies!
Brittnie with Bronson in New Mexico (top pic)
             Just Bronson (bottom)
Indigo with the Howell Family!
John with Brekka
Jake lives with the Daltons
Lady lives with the McCorveys in Florida
Sterling lives with Lori in California
Bacchus at 8 months old
Dutchess lives with the Healy family
Bronto lives in Florida with the Auclair Family
Emmytt and Pixie both belong to the Novak Family!
Mighty lives with the Eaton Family
Now this is a awesome family photo!  Thanks to the Hubbard Family
Paxton sitting in Grandpa's lap at the Sanchez house
Nitro in middle lives with the Caisse family
Paxton watching the Olympics in New Mexico with the Sanchez Family
Annabelle swimming in the lake - She loves the water!!!
Gracie and Beauty
or is it
Beauty and Beauty?
Abby and Brody with  the Kristoff family in California
Abby and Brody again... Got to love it!!